Wise Fabric

What makes it wise?

Linen: your sling is made from the cellulose fibres that grow inside the stalks of the flax plant, one of the oldest cultivated plants in human history.

Linen is powerful. Due to its completely natural texture, your baby’s skin can breathe. It allows the air to circulate, absorbs your baby’s sweat and it controls their temperature.

Moreover, linen is antibacterial, it does not cause allergies and, because of its electrical resistance, it does not electrolyte.

Linen is also a long term investment, since it wears out very slowly.

How is linen grown?

Every part of this old process is designed to make it sustainable.

Sowing: Flax requires 600 mm of water over 100 days of growing, and rain and dew play an important part in this development. Flax is a fast-growing plant. Towards the end of the growing period, it will grow a full 5 cm (about 2 inches) per day.

Growing: As it grows, flax captures and converts CO2 from the atmosphere. Every year, the growing of flax in Europe allows the capture of more than 250.000 tons of CO2.

Flowering and Pulling: Pulling occurs about five weeks after flowering. It is called “pulling” rather than “harvesting” because the flax is literally pulled out of the ground rather than cut down, in order to preserve the length of the fibres contained within.

Scutching: Retting is the process of separating the fibres by breaking down the natural cement that binds them to the straw. This natural process is performed by microorganisms present in the soil, a suitable amount of rain, and no chemicals. Retting used to be done in rivers, but since the 1950s it has been done directly in the fields to further protect the environment.

Where does our linen come from?

Although linen is a special fabric, not all linen is the same. You must know how to choose the best linen to work with.

WISEJOEY fabric comes from Lithuania. It Is 100 % handmade organic linen with more than 3 decades' experience. Due to its thick grammage and longer fibre, WISEJOEY slings support 3 to 15 kg (8 to 33 lbs).

Non-bleached: We do not bleach our linen. We want to keep it natural with all its features, this way helping mantain our planet green.

Hot water colours: We use organic and nature friendly paints that do not harm human health or the environment.